Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh, No--It's Already Happening!!!! Lou and I had the experience of hearing Benjamin say his first curse word on Friday morning while we were getting him ready for school. Mind you, it was not the "worst" one he could have said (as if putting them in "order" from not-so-bad to horrible justifies it coming out of his mouth)...but it is a word that most parents who choose to teach their kids right from wrong (which by the way, are becoming harder and harder to find) would not tolerate. He didn't say it in a context that you would normally say it in...he was just looking around the room and said it. When I asked, "What did you just say, Benjamin?", he looked straight at me and said, "I said, ****, Mommy" with the most innocent look on his face. I asked him if he knew what it meant--he said no. I asked him where he heard it--he said school. Anyways, the conversation went on from there about our choice of words and how some words are not acceptable at all, in any circumstance and that was one of them.

So, afterwards, I was thinking about it and I knew that this scenario would eventually happen. They hear words at school that they've never heard before and don't realize it's not ok to repeat them and it's sure not ok to say them. With him being in kindergarten and kids these days being exposed to this kind of stuff younger and younger, I knew it was bound to happen at some point. BUT, here's my's not so much that he heard another kid say it, but my issue is that these kids who say stuff like this are more than likely hearing it from home. I can NOT for the life of me understand why grown men and women think it's ok to talk like that around their kids.

My mom and I were in Wal-Mart (which seems to be a breeding ground of frustration for me in more ways than I can list) one evening when this little girl, who couldn't have been older than two, was walking/running way ahead of her parents. So her dad yells out, "Maria (or whatever her name was) get your a** back here right now." Now, how hard would it have been to say "get your rearend/bottom/tushi/fill-in-the blank for whatever you feel is appropriate for children to say and hear"? And we wonder why our kids are coming home from KINDERGARTEN saying words that they've never heard at home.

So, not only are we now trying to do our best to teach our children to make good choices and use appropriate language, but we're having to take up the slack for those parents out there that don't do the same for their kids. Sorry for the ranting post, but some issues should NOT have to be dealt with in kindergarten. I'm thinking, right about now, that there's a lot to be said for keeping your kids in a bubble until they're 30.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Moment of Bragging

I just had to take a minute a brag on our Benjamin. He is doing fantastic in kindergarten--in fact, he was student of the month for September. I had my first parent-teacher conference on Friday and his teacher had nothing but good things to say. He's always the one who is listening; he is making friends (always a parent's concern); he is reading some--which most in his class are not. We are just so pleased with how well he is doing in this new town and his new school! We have prayed for this since we found out we were moving--especially since Benjamin is one who does not do well when he is out of his routine and his "normal". He likes things "just so" and we were a little fearful that the move to Clyde and to, not only a new school that does things differently than the one he went to in Pre-K, beginning kindergarten would send him into a "tailspin". But he has adjusted better than we ever could have hoped for and is excited about school each and every day. He is, also, enjoying soccer and only has three more games left this season (hopefully I can remember to take my camera this Saturday to catch him in action--then I'll post some pics).

Of course, Madilyn and Jacob are doing well--when they're not getting on each other's nerves. They, also, have loved it here so far--but we were not as worried about them as we were Benjamin (they "go with the flow" a little better than he does).

We are counting down the weeks until we get to meet the new little Ellerbrook. We only have about 8 more weeks until that day comes (unless he comes sooner).

I will try to get some pics posted of the kids soon.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Well, Labor Day Weekend was probably our last time to travel before Baby #4 gets here. We got to go to Fort Worth to spend time with Nana and Papa, two of my sisters and their families, and a couple of my cousins and their families.

We had a really good time--eating at the Cheesecake Factory, going to a waterpark, swimming, and just hanging out. Unfortunately, by the time we got home on Monday, Madilyn was feeling horrible--running a fever and a cough that sounded like a seal. She has been sick all week, but the fever is finally gone. Now if we can just get rid of the cough. Benjamin has started with the same stuff...hopefully Lou and Jacob will avoid it.

I took my camera on our trip, but wouldn't you know, I didn't take a single picture. It's kind of hard to take pictures at the waterpark while trying to keep an eye on three kids at all times...especially our fearless, wondering, exploring Jacob. That kid doesn't care if he has floaties or a life jacket on or not, he's going into the water...whether you're there to catch him or not. And then, he tried wondering off a couple of times...including almost being all the way in the wave pool before Nana caught up to him--and here's the scariest part of all, Nana doesn't even know how to I'm not sure what she would have done if he had been very far in the pool. Fortunately, her short legs go a little faster than Jacob's two year old she was able to catch him before he got too deep. Besides a couple of scary moments like these, it was a blast. Benjamin was the only one of our kids that had been to a waterpark so far. They all proved to be pretty fearless and enjoyed trying new things. Benjamin was the only one of our kids who was tall enough to ride this slide-thing that was like a water rollercoaster. It had a double intertube that you sat in so he could ride with an adult. He was a little scared to ride it at first, but right after he asked to ride it again. Poor Madilyn, she inherited her mom's short genes so she may be 10 before she reaches the minimum height requirement for some of these rides. Oh well, at least she'll be able to get great deals in the kid's department for many years to come.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday was Benjamin's first day of Kindergarten. He seemed a little nervous (even though he wouldn't admit to it), but we could also tell he was really excited. It was a little nerve-wracking to mom and dad with it being his first day of school in a new school in a new town. But he did GREAT! Of course, he found some dinosaurs in his classroom right away. His teacher is really nice and she is, also, a science-lover. So I think he is going to have a GREAT year.

I, of course, did not want to leave him. One of the ladies from our church came over and watched Madilyn and Jacob so both Lou and I could take Benjamin without any other distractions. If Lou hadn't been there with me, I probably would have still been there when he got out at 3:15. I really wasn't expecting to cry so much. I mean, I knew I would tear up...but, man, once we started to leave the tears just kept on coming. I'm hoping the pregnancy hormones had something to do with it. Oh, who am I kidding, it's just hard letting your "baby" go sometimes. Dropping him off at college ought to be real "fun".

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And Baby #4 is a.....

Well, despite my feeling that baby #4 was a girl, we are having a BOY!!! Holy Cow! I'm still trying to process it. I am stunned! So, this mama, who grew up with three sisters--no brothers, will have 3 boys and 1 girl. What the heck do I do with THREE boys? I'm already up to my eyeballs in dinosaurs, cars, pirates, trains, and soccer balls. This ought to be interesting. I know I'll get use to the idea of having three boys (I'll have to because, ready or not, #3 will be here in a little over 3 months)--but I think I'm just shocked because I REALLY thought it was a girl. Shows what I know.

Benjamin and Madilyn did get to come with us to the ultrasound. Benjamin, especially, thought it was really neat and seemed to enjoy getting to see all of the baby's body parts. When we saw the "boy part", Benjamin said, "It looks like a turtle." The doctor got a big kick out of it. I'm really glad they are old enough to experience this with us. Now if we could only think of a name...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

End of Summer

Well, summer is coming to an end here in the Ellerbrook household. We only have two more trips planned out of town--one this coming weekend to Lubbock and the other one next weekend to Fort Worth. Then, I think we are home for a while (at least I hope). Madilyn's gymnastics class has already started. Fall soccer starts for Benjamin in the next couple of weeks. Our big boy starts Kindergarten in less than a week--therefore, I have been fighting crowds to finish up shopping for clothes, shoes, and school supplies.

While I am excited to get back into a routine, I am also dreading the fact that we can't sleep late anymore. Now when I say sleep "late", I mean 6:45 or 7:00. That's about as "late" as it gets around here before our alarm clock (we also call him "Jacob") goes off. But starting on Monday, we will have to get up around 5:45, at least Mommy will anyways. And while I am really sad that Benjamin is going to school, I know he is super excited about it and ready to be around more kids his age instead of little brother and sister all day.

So, with summer coming to a close around here, we are gearing up for a very busy fall--school, soccer, gymnastics, MOPS group, playdates, Lou being out of town for meetings, church stuff starting back up, oh, and preparing for a new baby. Man, I'm already tired and it hasn't even started yet. Is it too early to be anticipating next summer?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pictures of the Kids since the Move

Since we have moved to Clyde, the kids have thoroughly enjoyed having a HUGE backyard to play in. They really like it when the sprinkler system is going and they can get out there and have a plethora of sprinklers to choose from. They also like to fill up buckets with water and dump it on each other. Of course, they usually like to all do this from the same sprinkler--which leads to arguing over whose turn it is. So we've started having to assign each of the kids a sprinkler of their own. Sometimes that's just easier than listening to the arguing, you know? Isn't funny how one minute they can be playing so well together and the very next minute arguing over a sprinkler head in the backyard. Anyways, here's some pictures of them playing outside this past Saturday while Daddy was trying to take the fence down that the previous residents had up to keep their chickens out of the garden.

Pictures of the Kids before the Move

Here's Benjamin on his last day of Pre-K with his beloved Mrs. Warren. He LOVED his two teachers this last year and we are praying that he has as great an experience in Kindergarten as he did in Pre-K.

Here is Madilyn with "her" Mr. Stanley. There have been times since we've moved that she has asked about our "family" back in Amherst and she refers to them as "hers". Our kids really loved the people there and they loved them. We really enjoyed being a part of that church family and miss them everyday.

A couple of weeks before we moved from Amherst there was a huge thunderstorm that came through and the kids got to get out and splash in the puddles. Benjamin and Madilyn thoroughly enjoyed seeing who could get the other one the wettest.

Jacob was trying to escape Madilyn's big sister way of showing him how to splash in the water.

Here's the kids at Ready, Set, Jump in Lubbock. It's a neat gym where they have lots of fun things for the kids to climb on and jump into and on. Here Benjamin and Madilyn are swinging on the bungee swings.

Here is Jacob just doing his "normal" thing--running around trying to keep up with the "big" kids.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Ellerbrook Three

Jacob, Benjamin, and Madilyn are taking time out from annoying each other to humor mom and pose for a picture. This is one of the few moments where they are not fighting, so I thought I better catch it on camera. Benjamin is now 5 years old and will start Kindergarten in about a month. Madilyn is 3 years old, going on 13. And Jacob is 2 years old. There is soon to be a fourth player in this ever growing family. He/she will be here around the first couple of weeks of December.
Lou is the pastor of First United Methodist Church in Clyde, TX and he LOVES it. We have been here for a little over a month now and are really enjoying it.
I continue to enjoy being able to stay at home with the kids. They continue to keep me busy-as well as drive me crazy some days, but I feel so blessed to be able to be home with them while they are this little.
As we continue to download more and more pictures (we are way behind on the downloading), we will post more.

Our First Blog Experience

Well, I guess it's time we enter into the 21st century and begin a blog for our family. So, here it is. In the near future, we will be posting pictures of the kids. Hope you'll enjoy reading about our wacky life and our wacky kids.