Monday, September 6, 2010

"Labor" Day

Noah and Daddy actually "labored" on Labor Day.  While Benjamin and Madilyn enjoyed a weekend with Aunt Rachel and Jacob enjoyed a weekend with Nana and Papa, we decided to get some yardwork done.  Well, I say "we".  I pretty much told Lou it needed to be done, and he, being the kind husband that he is, agreed and took it upon himself to get it done while I was trying to get some stuff done around the house.

While mowing the yard, Lou decided he needed help from a 21 month old.  So he picked the cutest one EVER...
and they finished up the yard together.
And, of course, they had to stop and pose for pictures for Mommy.
And cheer on Daddy on as he works hard.
And help Daddy pick up sticks in the yard so they won't run over them with the lawn mower.
And my very favorite picture of the day was this one with Noah getting his Guns Up.  The picture turned out blurry, but I couldn't resist the cuteness of Noah showing us what he learned the previous day during the Tech/SMU game.
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