Monday, October 4, 2010

In the Thick of It

And so, we are in the middle of it....

Middle of school.  Middle of soccer season.  Middle of dance classes.  Middle of softball season.  Middle of Bible studies.  Middle of Kid's Club (our weekly kid's after-school program).  Middle of Life. 

And while Life is not slowing down for us anytime soon...I am enjoying watching my kids do the things they enjoy.

All three older kids are doing great in least I think they are.  We have parent/teacher conferences next week, so I guess we'll find out for sure...

Benjamin gets better and better at soccer every season and seem to enjoy it more and more.  I love that him and Lou get that time together as Lou helps coach his team. 

Madilyn absolutely loves dance classes.  And this year we have allowed her to add another class to her repertoire.  Not only is she taking ballet, she is taking tap, as well.  Now when we get to her 3 1/2 hour dance recital in May, we'll actually care about 2 of the 45 dances instead of just one.

And Jacob has started his first season of soccer.  I had forgotten in the three short years since Benjamin's first season, how uncoordinated and uninterested four year olds are in soccer.  Sometimes you just hope a butterfly doesn't fly in front of your child during a game, because chasing that butterfly becomes way more important than dribbling the ball down the field.  But, overall, he's doing pretty good.  Suprisingly, his first game has been his best game yet.  The rest of his team spent the entire game refusing to go out on the field or crying while on the field...but not our Jacob.  He got out there and played hard in 100 degree heat.  He even scored a goal that very first game!  He's way more agressive than Benjamin ever if we can get him to the point where he actually cares to kick the ball, we might have a soccer player on our hands.

And then there's Noah.  Who is obviously not involved in any activities, unless you count Moppets while Mommy goes to MOPS.  But he sure does make a cute cheerleader for his older siblings.  And this kid is a pro at sitting in his stroller.  There's not many 2 year olds who are content to sit for hours at a time while watching older brothers and an older sister participate in all the fun stuff.  But Noah is excellent at it.  Makes life much easier, too!

Lou is teaching two Bible studies this fall and playing on our church's softball team.  He helps coach Benjamin's soccer team, as well.  On top of his "everyday normals", these keep him pretty busy. 

As for me, I'm doing MOPS again this year (but not on leadership), enjoying a Bible study that Benjamin's former first grade teacher is leading, involved in EVERYTHING my kids are doing, enjoying having only Noah at home but missing my other kids while they're at school, can't seem to catch up on laundry to save my life, looking forward to having Noah potty-trained sometime before this school year is over (that's my goal anyway...we'll see if it actually happens), and am excited it's finally favorite time of year!

School started and we hit the ground running.  We are definitely in the thick of it. 
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