Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Boy!

I can NOT believe our baby is already almost 14 months old.  He is the sweetest baby...laughs alot, tries to run after his brothers and sister, loves on everyone and definitely gets loved on, just started playing pat-a-cake, waves bye-bye and hi ALL the time, gives hi-fives, takes two AWESOME naps a day, has a very healthy appetite (can almost put his oldest brother to shame...and for those of you who have ever seen Benjamin eat, you know that's quite an accomplishment for a 1 year old), has an old-man mullet going on with his hair (but mommy is not ready to do the first haircut thing yet), likes to explore in kitchen cabinets, and especially loves his mommy and daddy (who are quite fond of their little blessing).  What joy he brings to our family!

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Vacation from Our Vacation

Ever heard people say, "I need a vacation from my vacation."  Well, that's exactly where I'm at right now.  Being away for a week was fantastic.  It was a welcomed break from our daily grind.  We have been home from our Christmas "vacation" for a week now, and I'm still trying to recover. 

We came home last Friday after being gone for a week and I was sick with a sore throat.  And I don't mean just any ole sore throat.  I mean I could not eat, drink, or swallow without crying because it not only hurt my throat, but also my ear.  So we went straight to the doctor when we got into town, but with it being New Year's Day, they closed early so I had to wait until Saturday.  After going on Saturday, getting a couple of prescriptions filled, running errands that needed to be run since we had been out of town for a week and I had children to feed, we finally got home and I spent the next two days in bed and this entire past week trying to recover.  There are still suitcases in our room with clean clothes in them to put away.  There's piles of laundry that have gone untouched all week laying on my bedroom floor.  I cleaned the house before we left for our trip, but after a week of Mommy being under the weather and Daddy being busy catching up on work, you can imagine how badly it needs to be cleaned now.

All of that to say, I am way behind on getting things down around here and I have lots of pictures to download onto the computer and then upload to this blog from the few weeks leading up to Christmas. 

But that will have to wait...first on my priority list:  I still have to take my Christmas decorations down.  What's that?  It's already January 9th, you say!!! 

Don't remind me.  But, you see, Lou and I have this "deal".  I like to put the decorations up right after Thanksgiving and then take them down sometime during the week between Christmas and New Years.  Drives Lou crazy!!!!  He really can't stand that!  Since Christmas really doesn't "start" until December 25th and lasts through Epiphany, January 6th (hence the song 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'), he likes for the Christmas decorations to be up until then...which drives me crazy!  So, we compromise....I get to put them up right after Thanksgiving, if we leave them up until January 6th. 

Now that you know that, you understand that I'm really not "that far behind" in taking the decorations down.  Only 3 days.  So you can guess what I'm going to be spending my Saturday doing.  Lou was so kind to bring all the storage boxes in from the shed...now I just have to get a major dose of motivation and get my Christmas stuff put away so I can clean this house, unpack from our trip, and do some laundry.  Like I said, I already need a vacation.  Or maybe I just need a maid.

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