Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snips, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

Here's a poem a found the other day (author is unknown):

Little Boys

Little boys come in all shapes and sizes,
Shy and adventurous, full of surprises,
With misshapen halos and mischievous grins,
Small dirty faces, and sweet, sticky chins.

They'll keep you so busy, and yet all the while
Nothing can brighten the world like their smile.
And no greater treasure has brought homes more joy
Than a curious, active, and lovable boy!

Now I know that this poem is pretty stereotypical of boys....but for my boys, it's not just a stereotype.  It's true!  Especially for my Jacob.

This kid cracks me up.  He keeps me on my toes...day in and day out.  He tests my patience...every single day.  He knows what buttons to push....and doesn't hesitate to push them.  He's not afraid of anything, really (except maybe the occasional dog).  This kid is 100%, certifiable, undeniably ALL boy.  ALL BOY!!!! 

He throws caution to the wind.  Leaps before he looks.  Speaks before he thinks. 

Playing any kind of ball is his passion.  As long as he has someone to play with (preferably his older brother), he could stay outside all day...with no need to come in whatsoever.  He loves cars.  Has energy that knows no bounds.  Spends hours playing with animals.  Has discovered his newfound passion of building with blocks.  Thinks it's funny to hide in places where it takes Mommy 30 minutes of panic and sheer terror to find him.  Doesn't hesitate to leave the house and walk to the church (which is just down the alley from the house...but NOT ok for a four year old to do by himself in this day and age) by himself without letting Mommy know where he's going.  Engages in all sorts of sword fights with anyone and everyone who battles back (and sometimes even if they don't).  Enjoys wrestling with Daddy or Papa or any other man who can tolerate his punches and kicks in totally inappropriate places. 

And with all of those "manly, boyish" traits and passions, he also has a softer side.  He loves to have his back and his tummy rubbed.  Is inseparable from his "duckie"...a blanket he has loved since he was a few months old.  Still sucks his thumb....we're working on this, but not having very much luck....however, he usually only does it when he is tired or upset.  He is fascinated with rubbing Mommy's feet (and you'll hear no complaints from Mommy).  Insists that Daddy always says "bye" and gives hugs and kisses before going to work (and should Daddy forget, Jacob is not easily consolable).

The things he says are absolutely hysterical.  Things you wouldn't expect a four year old to say....but he never ceases to surprise us.  He's stubborn, hard-headed, defiant, frustrating, king of time-outs, boundary-testing...loving, lovable, caring, sensitive all at the same time. 

He is our Jacob and adds such spice and humor to each and every day.  This fun-loving, carefree 4 year old is so different from the other three...but we wouldn't have it any other way.  We're so grateful this "surprise" that God blessed us with four years ago is ours and that we get to experience his four year old personality everyday. 
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sugar and Spice

What in the world would we do without all her girliness?  Amazingly, among this brood of masculinity, she adds quite a touch of feminity.  Ok...so it's more like a big ole dollup of feminity.  Because this chick is GIRLY!!!  And, in turn, has made her momma a bit more girly.  She's a lover of bows, all things sparkly, princesses, ballerinas, pink and purple EVERYTHING, foo-foo dresses, dresses in general, make-up, manicures and pedicures, and everything else "girlish".  She loves her brothers and loves to love ON her brothers (much to their chagrin).  She takes her big sister role very seriously and makes sure her brothers know she's the one in charge.  It's amazing that she can convince two of her brothers to conform to her will with just a few sweet words and with a swift batting of her eyelashes (her poor, poor husband....). 

And with all her girliness, comes a very sweet heart.  She loves to love on others.  Loves to help anyone who is willing to let her.  Loves to talk (oh. my. gosh. does this girl love to talk?!!?).  Is definitely the most social of all our children, at least at this point.  Has a certain flair for drama (which I'm certain she did not inherit from me, because I am in no way, shape, or form dramatic....AT ALL).  Ahem!  Moving on.....She loves to sing (and can actually sing on key pretty well).  Loves to create stuff.  And has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

Our five year old adds such joy to our family...and we are so incredibly proud that she could beat her brothers in a burping contest...hands down!  Aaaaahhhh...I guess she has to let her brothers rub off on her somehow.

What an awesome gift God has given us in her.  So proud to be her Mommy and thankful I have at least one person on my side in this house of abundant masculinity.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sleeping in the Nude

Went in to get Noah from his nap and this is what I found...

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Firstborn

This boy is so much like me.  He's a first-born and definitely lives up to first-born stereotypes.  He's got a "Type-A" personality.  He's a people pleaser (more specifically, he's an authority pleaser).  He doesn't like to disappoint his daddy or me.  Loves to read.  Is Bossy.  Isn't phased by "fitting in" with his peers.  Is comfortable with who he is.  Likes school.  Loves his teacher.  Willing to lead, but more comfortable in the background.  And I can just go on and on.

I love that he's 7 years old and still comes and crawls in my lap.  It tickles me pink that he still holds my hand when we are walking around a store.  When he cries, he comes to Mommy for comfort and understanding.  It thrills me that he runs up to me everyday after school and gives me a great big hug.  He still gives me kisses in front of his friends.

But I can't help but think....how much longer of this do I have?  By no means, do I expect (or even want) him to be crawling into my lap when he's 30 years old.  I mean, afterall, I'm not Marie Barone (for those "Everybody Loves Raymond" fans).  But it is so great that he feels comfortable enough to do those things still.  I love those moments and am cherishing each and every one of them....for they may not last for very much longer.  *sniff, sniff*

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jacob's 4th Birthday

Jacob is four....I just can't believe it. I know I say that everytime one of the kids turns another year older, but with every birthday it seems time just goes by faster and faster. This year, we had his birthday on Easter weekend since my entire family was here. Three sisters, three brother-in-laws, two parents, two grandparents, three nephews, three nieces, and, of course, the six Ellerbrooks. In case you were wondering, that's 22 people we had at my house...and all but two of them spent the night...at my house.

We started the day at the zoo. Ate lunch at Rosa's (mmmmmm!). Had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard after "naptime"--ever tried to get 10 kids to nap/rest at the same time when they are super excited to see each other?...didn't really work. Ate hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. Then had some yummy cake and ice cream to celebrate our four year old. All in all...it was a great birthday. And although Jacob does NOT like to be photographed (and he sure doesn't like to be sung to), I did manage to snap a couple of shots of him with his cake.

And here's some from the zoo and Easter egg hunt.....

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