Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I SUCK at this whole blogging thing.  I read blogs where the blogger has a new post every single day.  Mommy-bloggers.  BUSY Mommy-bloggers.  BUSY Mommies-of-five or six-bloggers. 

I mean, seriously, why can't I get my act together and post something every now and then?  I enjoy doing it...writing my thoughts out.  Talking about my kids...even if no one is listening. 

That's the great thing about blogging.  You can talk about your kids all day....and not worry if someone is going to die of boredom while you are sitting there face-to-face telling them how cute it is when Jacob tries to say his "r's" or his "l's" and they come out like "w's".  Or how Benjamin was having a conversation with Louis the other day and, out of the blue, he asked Louis if what he had just said was an idiom.  I mean to tell you...I didn't even know my second grader knew what the word idiom was.  I don't...I mean, I some point in time.  But when all you talk about is how poop is suppose to go in the potty or fingers that just came out of our nose should not be placed in our mouth or how it's not appropriate to leave the bathroom buck-naked and walk through the kitchen to ask for a towel, it's hard to remember what components it takes to form a correct grammatical sentence (like a subject and a verb), much less these other grammatical terms that I swear I don't remember learning until jr. high or high school.

I mean, my kids say and do the darndest things.  And I'll think, "That was so stinkin' funny....I need to write that down."  But do I?  Nope.  And so exactly 24 minutes later, when I am asking them for the 53rd time since they have been home from school if they will please stop bothering each other, I have completely forgotten the cute, funny thing they said or did.  And, therefore, I have no blogging material.

But I'm determined to do better.  I mean, afterall, the whole reason I started this blog was so I could remember all their Benjamin-isms, Madilyn-isms, Jacob-isms, and Noah-isms.  So, let the blogging begin....

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