Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Have Survived...

...Christmas festivities, parties, celebrations, travels, shopping, baking, wrapping, rehearsals, performances, and fun with four kids.

...The stress that my husband places on himself and feels from about the 1st of November to the end of Christmas.

...The first of four birthdays, four months in a row.

...A husband who's so sick he spends six days in bed and loses 20 lb. in one week.

...A couple of sick kids who decided the week we were travelling would be the perfect time to get sick.

....A week with all our cousins...My grandparents (my dad's mom and dad) have 20 great grandkids (with #21 on the way) and the oldest one just turned 8 in November.

...Two weeks with the kids bickering, playing, inquiring, helping, arguing, tattling, crafting, laughing, writing, reading, fighting, and being in my hair....and loved it!

...The first week-and-a-half of 2011!
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